Finding that ‘Balance’ in life

Finding that ‘Balance’ in life

Most people I speak to are looking for change in at least one area of their lives and very often several areas.

I have noticed, though, that a common thread is to find what seems to be that ever elusive BALANCE in our lives. We try, often without success, to keep all the balls in the air without negatively impacting any of the important areas in our lives.

Well, much like a well-balanced diet with the right balance of all the different food groups, we can find that longed for life balance by paying close attention to our mental habits.

Research shows that if we engage in the following activities every day, they have a profound effect on several levels, and we therefore set ourselves firmly on course to achieve all round balance :

betmvwgycly-ashley-batz– Sleep
– Exercise
– Deep Focus
– Connecting (Socially)
– Play (not for children only!)
– Down Time
– Mindfulness

It may seem somewhat overwhelming to do all 7 of these in one day, but my challenge to you is to take even 5 minutes for each of them per day! (Except for sleep because we should get between 7 and 9 hours a night!)

Contact me to give you in-depth information on the extraordinary benefits of each of these!

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