The Stage of Your Life

The Stage of Your Life

Ever since I can remember I have loved the stage.

I would wait with great anticipation for the annual (or bi-annual) school production and couldn’t wait to audition for a part albeit big or small. Waiting to see if the audition was successful was always quite daunting but oh the joy when I landed the part!

Really, that was the easy part of the process – the gruelling work started with learning the lines and rehearsals day in and day out until we had perfected the play. I remember living and breathing my lines – they consumed my thoughts and my imagination and I pictured myself over and over playing out the part – I BECAME the part! And, after sleepless nights and long hours of hard work, finally, opening night arrived! The excitement, the thrill of the stage, the anticipation of speaking that first line, the anxiety!! Standing in the wings waiting to step on to the stage was probably the most thrilling part of it all – all those hours of work and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE culminated in that one moment of speaking that first word. I still feel the thrill of it now … I still feel that fleeting feeling of stage fright too – would I be able to do this? Would I remember the words? What if I froze or even turned and ran instead of stepping on to the stage to play my part? But knowing that I HAD to show up, I HAD to take my place on the stage so that the play could go ahead forced me to step up and step out. And OH THE JOY, THE THRILL OF IT ALL!!

Those days are long behind me now … but are they really? You see, now I’m playing on the stage of my REAL LIFE. Now I’m the leading lady in my own life and I am still captivated by my visions and imaginations; still rehearsing day in and day out how I will live out this one precious life of mine. Playing over and over on the stage of my mind how my life should play out and practicing day in and day out my lines, my actions and my outcomes. Still standing in the wings waiting with anticipation for the realisation of my dreams – will I step forward and truly become the leading lady of my life, or will I remain frozen in the wings waiting and waiting some more for something to just happen, or someone to do it all for me?  Here’s the rub though, I wouldn’t just be fleeing from something make-believe where an understudy could step in and take my place – I would be fleeing from my LIFE and no-one would be able to step in and live it for me. I would be frozen in a place of waiting … and waiting … and waiting!

Are you waiting?  Waiting for someone to give you permission or approval to live the life you dream of? Waiting for that perfect moment when everything comes together and, VOILA, it all just happens? If so, you may wait a lifetime!

Are you full of great ideas but paralysed to act? Living out your life only in the confines of your mind? I know those feelings – and frustrations – well and so I have challenged myself, as I now challenge you, to STEP UP, STEP OUT and take the place of LEADING LADY/MAN in your own life, AND LIVE!


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